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How do you fry plantain chips for a business?

How do you fry plantain chips for a business?

How To Make & Build a Plantain Chips Business in NigeriaJun 1, 2020 — PRODUCTION PROCESS · Step 1: Sorting or De-fingering of plantain · Step 2: Counting of Plantain fingers · Step 3: Washing and Peeling of Plantains.

Production of Plantain Chips (manual method) - Frandimore2. Slicing must not be too thick so as to get crispy or too thin to avoid breakage. 3. Frying temperature must not be too high to avoid How To Start A Successful Plantain Chips Business In NigeriaOct 29, 2018 — HOW TO PREPARE PLANTAIN CHIPS · Wash and peel the plantain, · slice them into a bowl of water, this is to prevent the sliced plantain from 

How to make plantain chips for sale? May 8, 2017 — As it mentioned earlier, plantain chips business requires almost no capital. You can start this kind of business while combining with your 

Fried Plantain Chips Recipe - Serious EatsFill a large, deep cast iron or stainless steel skillet halfway with oil. Set over medium-high heat until the oil reaches 350°F (175°C). Working in batches and Fried Plantain Chips (Chifles) Recipe - The Spruce EatsDec 28, 2021 — Steps to Make It · Gather the ingredients. · Cut off both ends of the plantains and remove peel/skin. · Slice plantains crosswise into very thin 

Plantain Chips: 9 Tips for Crispy, Sweet Chips Every TimeMar 10, 2015 — TIPS · Do not use over ripe plantains · Unless you are a skilled knife expert, don't hesitate to use a mandolin slicer · Make sure your oil is at Plantain Chips Business – How to Start A Successful Plantain The plantain chips market is vast and highly profitable for entrants, as they can start with as little as 27,000 Naira and build a profitable business quickly 

How to Make Money with Small Scale Plantain Chips Making REQUIREMENT TO START A PLANTAIN CHIP BUSINESS Embarking on industrial scale production requires huge investment in equipment which will include: motorized Start Your Own Plantain Chips Business - GELGOOG MachineryHow to start a plantain chips business? Today I'm going to share a recipe for the perfect ceviche scooper – the plantain chip. Plantains are magical fruits. I'm 

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